Naval Base Coronado

Sensitive Species Surveys are an annual effort to monitor five of California’s rare and/or endangered plants. The species SERG works with are: Brand’s phacelia (Phacelia stellaris), coast wooly-heads (Nemacaulis denudata), Nuttall’s acmispon (Acmispon prostratus), variegated dudleya (Dudleya variegata) and salt marsh bird’s-beak (Chloropyron maritimum sbsp. maritimum).  Some of these rare plants have a California Native Plant Society (CNPS) rare plant rank of 1B or 2B. All the rare plants SERG monitors are annual species, which means they grow, go to seed and senece in the same season of the same year, which is why SERG personnel are on high gear when our subpopulations are first observed as seedlings.